EPS Auto Setup Manual


Step 1 –Download (EPSAutoSetup4.0) -Create a new folder & name it Auto setting

Step 2 – Unzip the folder (EPS Auto Setup) & save (extract) the files to the newly created folder (auto setting) as shown in STEP 1 (above)

Step 3 – RUN the Autosetup executable file (i586 for 32 bit system & x64 for 64 bit system)

Step 4 - Please select remind me later in the uninstall option shown after the installation of 32 bit java (2nd java install). (ONLY FOR 64 bit systems).


Step 5 – The executable file will do all required Browser & Java settings & at the end of the program, it will show a message ‘’press ENTER to close’’. Please press the ENTER button on your keyboard & login with your User Id & allotted password.

Step 6 – Please follow the below settings manually to complete the process –

·       If using Internet explorer 10, press F12 & change browser mode to IE9 & if using Internet Explorer 11, Go to Internet Explorer -Tools – Compatibility view settings – ADD (buyjunction.in) (Always Switch ON the MENU BAR to view the options)

·       Tools –Manage Add-ons – Check whether all JAVA plugins are ENABLED (If disabled, Right click & ENABLE the same)